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Employee OnBoarding

Employee onboarding “refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective employees/members.”

Employee onboarding is the process of the new hire of becoming an actual employee. This is where they complete I9/W4, emergency contact, address and review company documents. During this process employees are informed of what benefits are available them.

Nefouse & Associates is now able to provide this technology as one of our client services.


employeeStreamline New Hire Process:
1. Eliminate/Reduce paper applications
2. Reduce errors and corrections
3. Create digital employee files

Higher Employee Engagement:
1. Employees gain access to policy documents in the cloud.
2. Integrate employee and HR data.
3. Reduce time in completing benefits enrollments

HR Access:
1. Stay informed on employee onboarding status
2. Access to employee demographics and benefit selection.

New Hires:
1. Engage new employees with a customizable message.
2. Employees can complete their personal profile.
3. Employees can add emergency contact info.

Collect Tax Information:
1. Platform allows for completion W-4 & 1-9 documents.

Group health Insurance & employee benefits Enrollments:
1. Allows employee to enroll in employee benefits
2. Employee can review master insurance policies and benefit charts
3. Access to employee pay cycle deductions prior to electing coverage
4. Digital signatures used for enrollments.
5. Employees do not have to input their date for multiple benefit enrollments. (no Double Entry)