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Small Business Policies

Small group health insurance is ideal for companies with between 2 and 50 employees. To find the best deals, you need a broker that understands the market and is contracted with all the major health insurance carriers in the state. At Nefouse & Associates, not only are we contracted with the bigger carriers but we’ve also taken the time to build relationships with them. These relationships save our clients money. Our ability to negotiate on behalf of our small group clients has resulted in substantial savings.

Nefouse & Associates’ extensive knowledge of the health insurance market is a major factor in finding the most competitive carriers for our clients. Even large carriers go through cycles where they compete for new business. In these situations, it’s our job to present you with these options. Our proactive approach to identifying the best insurance rates has led to long-term relationships with our clients.

We deliver a high level of service for all groups, which is what sets us apart from most of our peers. If problems arise with any aspect of a health plan, we work quickly to solve the problem. We also believe it’s important to educate employees on their benefits. Employees should take full advantage of the services provided by their insurance company.

Nefouse & Associates assists in helping you form a philosophy for your group health insurance plan. A group’s health insurance philosophy can change as the company changes, and it should be addressed every few years.

Indianapolis has several competing small group health insurance carriers. We can help you identify the carrier with the best rates to reduce your health insurance costs.

Nefouse & Associates helps new companies just entertaining the idea of a group health plan. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation proposal. We also help seasoned companies that have been through the health insurance process numerous times. Regardless of where your company is in its life-cycle, we will reduce your premium and the time spent on the process.

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Small Group Health Insurance Alternatives